Blockchain gaming startup Mythical Games gets $16M series A funding

Blockchain gaming startup Mythical Games received $16 million in Series A funding. They also announced that their first blockchain based game will arrive next year.

The startup will be developing games for PC, mobile, and consoles on the EOSIO blockchain protocol. The platform will also be open to the developers to build games with “player-owned economies”.

Mythical Games CEO John Linden is a former studio head from Activision and president of Seismic Games. The chief compliance officer Jamie Jackson was also a studio head at Activision.  Head of a blockchain at Mythical games Rudy Koch is a former senior producer at Activision’s Blizzard and chief product officer Stephan Cunningham is a former director of product management at Yahoo(Oath).

The funding round was led by EOSIO blockchain targeted Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund, Divergence Digital Currency, Javelin Venture Partners, OKCoin exchange, Noris and Fenbushi ventures.

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