Aldi Job Interview and Hiring Process

Aldi Job Interview and Hiring Process

Aldi the global discount supermarket chain posts multiple job openings for store cashiers, stockers, floor managers all year round. The openings are posted on multiple job boards and can be part-time or full-time gigs.

To get started with your application you have to first apply to a job opening of your liking by creating an account on

  • After you have applied to an opening your application will be reviewed and you can expect to get a response within two weeks.
  • Once your application is accepted for the applied gig/job you will get a call/email from the hiring team to schedule a phone and/or in-person interview.
  • Depending on the position you can expect one or multiple rounds of interviews with a store manager and/or with a district manager.
  • If everything goes well you will get a job offer. After receiving the job offer you have to complete Aldi's onboarding process online, have to undergo pre-employment screening, and pick a start date of your choice.

Tips for preparing for Interview:

  • It is important that you go through the job description and understand the expected roles and responsibilities.
  • For the phone interview make sure you free up your schedule when you are expecting the call and make sure have a quiet place to attend the call.
  • For the in-person interview wear professional and business attire and arrive early.
  • Bring extra copies of your resume, business cards, pen, and notepad to take notes.



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