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Mississauga, Ontario
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Full Time
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Details Not Provided
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1 year ago

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Good Exp. Required (5 - 9 Years)

Job Description

Hatch is expanding activities in the Smart Grid & Asset Management sector advising utilities on the impacts of integrating intermittent distributed generation and energy storage systems.  The increased deployment of distributed energy resources (DERs) has provided additional complexities and challenges for utilities as they transition from a monodirectional model of providing electricity to a complex, digital, data intensive, prosumer driven, decentralized model.  With technological advancements (e.g. smart meters, automatic feeders, smart inverters, integrated asset management and advanced data analytical models that incorporate artificial intelligence) and emerging business models (community microgrids, transactive rate-based prosumer models, etc..) that are changing the industry.

Project Delivery Responsibilities may include: 

  • Solve challenging problems pertaining to integrating DERs with grid modernization plans, and clearly articulating how DERs can benefit client’s operations in terms of reliability, economic payback, and resiliency. Experience using distribution system modeling tools such as CYME or Synergi.
  • Drive the planning & delivery of asset integration systems for electric utilities with increasing penetration of distributed energy resources (DERs), integrating data analytics and other optimization software platforms to improve the client’s customer relationship, and return on invested capital. Experience using coding solutions such as Python or VBE
  • Work alongside and support delivery of projects from other Hatch service offerings including those from Hatch’s Digital, Advisory, Technology, and/or Infrastructure businesses

Business Development Responsibilities may include: 

  • Identifying and pursuing clients planning to integrate DERs within North American & the Caribbean
  • Working with the marketing team to establish / update marketing & client facing materials, as applicable
  • Leading or participation in Bid/NoBid discussions for potential opportunities
  • Leading or supporting the creation of proposal documents, including scope, schedule, and level of effort estimates

Special Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering with a relevant discipline (electrical preferred)
  • Professional Engineer status preferred (EIT minimum)
  • 5+ years of experience specifically working with DER integrations to distribution systems.
  • Experience with the application of advanced analytics to recognize patterns and extract actionable recommendations from data (eg. AMI data analysis)
  • Experience / familiar with distribution system protection & controls, and how specific DERs (eg. battery energy storage systems) can cause issues due to bidirectional power flows
  • Knowledge of industry leading technologies in all industrial DER categories, including, but not limited to energy storage, solar PV, demand response, EV charging, AMI, and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)
  • Understand the challenges utilities are facing with increasing DER penetration and can describe alternate business models that utilities are considering, piloting, or have recently deployed
  • Software Tools familiarity with the following, or comparable:
    • System Modeling such as CYME, Synergi, Homer, and PSCADD
    • Programming such as Python, and VBA
    • ADMS integration solutions such as Survalent, OSI, GE, Schneider Electric SE, Siemens AG, etc.

Occasional domestic and international travel to site locations is required. 


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