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Mississauga, Ontario
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Full Time
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1 year ago

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Extensive Exp. Required (9+ Years)

Job Description

Our Project Delivery Group (PDG) helps clients with world-class project delivery from studies to building assets, operating the assets, and developing efficiencies through our people, methodologies, governance, and systems. Our engineering and project management and construction disciplines ensure safe, efficient, and sustainable delivery of projects globally across the metals and mining, infrastructure, and energy sectors.

Project Claims Manager  


  • Responsible for managing, coordinating and administering commercial activities within large Clients’ projects with the aim to safeguard Clients’ assets through proper prime contract management.  
  • Minimize project risks through active analysis and application of best commercial management practices.  
  • Participate, prepare and review commercial agreements including sub-contracts for Hatch and Joint Venture partners.  
  • Provide commercial support to Project Sponsors and Project Managers throughout all phases of project delivery.
  • Monitors progress and initiates actions to assure budgets are met and capture and document all changes within the scope to amend prime contracts.  
  • Lead the dispute resolution process working with the expert groups to conclude successful contract close outs.
  • Ensure adequate internal audit through performance of commercial reviews on large and complex contracts to ensue compliance.  

Key Responsibilities 

• Pre-contract Stage: 

  • Review and comment on draft proposals, prime contracts, joint venture agreements, consortium agreements and communicate necessary changes or revisions to the business unit commercial staff and Client Agreements Group (CAG) 
  • Participate as required during contract negotiations and business development arrangements to provide commercial support to Project Sponsors and Business Unit Managing Directors 
  • Participate in the risk review process on as required basis for new proposals and coordinate pricing, costing, allowances, provisions, estimates, etc., with BU commercial staff and CAG 
  • Establish professional relationship with Clients’ management and legal groups and handle the process of negotiation of agreements, contract amendments and contract changes with Clients’ groups in support of Project Sponsors and Project Managers. 

• Contract Stage: 

  • Establish proper commercial management structure for each large project depending on the complexity of each project and structure of prime contract including other relevant agreements such as joint venture and consortium agreements 
  • Implement the agreed contract payment terms and conditions into ‘Invoicing Guidelines’ and verify compliance by other groups issuing invoices and collecting payments during project life cycle to avoid invoicing errors and delayed payments resulting in potential write-offs 
  • Ensure proper project set up and reflection of contract payment terms onto existing Hatch systems (SAP etc.) to ensure proper revenue recognition and to minimize potential loss of profits 
  • Implement prime contract pricing and inflationary adjustments during all project phases including rate schedule adjustments, escalation adjustments, labour costs and other expenses and track project receivables with the aim to expedite payments, resolve conflicts and minimize Client disputes 
  • Develop, with the Project Manager and the support of CAG, the contractual relationships with sub contractors that are taking on any part of the Hatch EPCM scope 
  • Review the commercial terms and conditions under project trade contracts such that they consider, where appropriate, Prime Contract liabilities, project insurance, cash flow and other payment related issues 
  • Implement change management strategy working with the Project Manager and Controls Manager to ensure maximum positive utilization of changes within the contract provisions to minimize potential budget overruns 
  • Manage the Prime Contract, in support of the Project Manager, to review and recommend for Project Manager authorization all commitments including sub contracts 
  • Coordinate all Client commercial communications including issuing contractual correspondence to document Project events and support the change management process establishing a proper paper-trail to mitigate in the event of potential disputes 
  • Monitor the issuance of Prime Contract amendments incorporating agreed scope/price/schedule /liability changes and coordination the amendment with other Hatch and Clients’ groups 
  • Track letters of credit/letters of guarantee issued by Hatch in favour of Clients and ensure renewal/extension/release as appropriate 
  • Review insurance policies provided by Clients for compliance with the Prime Contract insurance requirements and monitoring such insurance policies throughout the life of the project 
  • Lead the insurance claims process in support of Hatch Clients and provide required coordination and advice dealing with insurance agents, insurance carriers, adjusters and other experts to ensure successful closures 
  • Ensure compliance with local requirements including taxation, insurance and legal affairs for Hatch and Joint Venture partners as applicable supporting other Hatch and Client groups in establishing and managing local entities 
  • Lead the dispute resolution process with respect to claims, notices, actions and documentation in support of the Project Manager and in coordination with the CAG 
  • Manage the contractual incentive program from Hatch’s perspective to ensure compliance with agreed prime contract terms protecting the interests of all Parties. 

• Contact Closeout Stage: 

  • Issuance of final invoices, adjustments, account closeout and collection of outstanding payments 
  • Resolution of outstanding contractual disputes including pending insurance claims in coordination with CAG 
  • Coordination of final certificates and releases of performance bonds, letters of guarantee, release of liens, etc 
  • Coordination and issuance of commercial section under the final Project Closeout Report including lessons learned. 

Qualifications and Experience 


  • University degree at Bachelor or Master’s level in Engineering or Business 
  • At least ten years experience in project management and contract management in similar industry 
  • Ability to function well in a team environment 
  • Self driven and quick to deliver 
  • Excellent analytical skills 
  • Experience in managing multi discipline tasks 
  • Experience in leadership, management and administrative processes 
  • Proven background of resourcefulness under pressure 
  • Strong customer/client focus 
  • Strong negotiation skills 
  • Well developed written and oral communication. 


  • Knowledge in contracts law 
  • Knowledge in finance 
  • Experience in the organization and discipline functions of a large EPCM project.


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