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Mississauga, Ontario
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Full Time
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Good Exp. Required (5 - 9 Years)

Job Description

The Project Controls Manager is responsible for the overall delivery of Project Controls; including Estimating, Cost Management, Planning and Scheduling, EPCM Control, Project Accounting, Trend and Change Management, Progress Measurement and Evaluation and Project Reporting. The Project Controls Manager assures Hatch procedures and best practices are applied to the project, as appropriate, and recommends changes where required. Managing the Project Control resources allocated to the project by leading and directing sub-ordinates so that they are motivated and have access to the required resources in order to meet the work objectives set for them. Manage and mentor Project Controls team to ensure that staff has an understanding of what is expected of them and has the necessary skills to execute the requirements. Identification training and development requirements for staff and ensure skills development takes 


Key Responsibilities 


  • A strong personal commitment to safety 
  • Personal responsibility for safety incident reporting 
  • Behavioural-based safety ethos to be embraced 
  • Personal responsibility for stopping any unsafe behaviour as and when it occurs, and thereafter reporting the safety incident so that corrective action may be obtained 
  • Familiarisation with Hatch safety processes, protocols and procedures. 
  • Set-up Planning and FEL3 data verification and 
  • Review FEL3 report, The Prime contract (accepted proposal), the Project schedule (levels 1,2 and3) and the FEL3 tollgate guidelines  
  • Verify set-up requirements and Request missing information from Project Manager 
  • Select standard project procedures and coordinate modifications/additions with Global Practice Director and confirm project procedures list 
  • Prepare set-up plan, assign project controls staff, conduct project controls kick-off meeting and commence set-up  
  • Confirm progress measurement and earned value methodology and initiate progress reporting. Verify project controls execution plan, trend gaps and distribute to Project Manager. 
  • Establish project controls baselines 
  • Confirm project authority delegation matrix and once approved by Project Manager, distribute via document control as per distribution matrix 
  • Confirm change management philosophy 
  • Confirm periodic reporting and meeting requirements including the content, format and frequency. Publish the project reporting calendar showing cut-off dates, submission due dates and issues dates. 
  • Initiate periodic reporting. 

FEL4 EPCM estimate verification 

  • Using: (1). FEL3 report (2). Prime contract (accepted proposal) (3). FEL3 tollgate guidelines, open project with standard time charge codes for the set-up phase 
  • Using: (1). FEL3 report (2). Prime contract (accepted proposal) (3). FEL3 tollgate guidelines, conduct EPCM estimate kick-off meeting to confirm FEL4 EPCM hours estimate 
  • Start EPCM estimate review by all functions to confirm EPCM services scope 
  • Verify project level 1and2 schedules and estimate FEL4 project controls and management hours 
  • Assemble FEL4 estimated hours and verify EPCM cost estimate 
  • Consolidate (hours) information and update existing staffing plan 
  • Include EPCM commissioning cost as part of project indirect estimate, once Commissioning Manager has verified FEL4 commissioning hours 
  • If EPCM estimate is within proposal budget (as approved by Project Manager), open required charge codes for FEL4 and manage and report EPCM status (using the proposal as a baseline).  

Project controls set-up 

Attend project kick-off meeting 

Using: (1). FEL3 report (2). Prime contract (accepted proposal) (3). FEL3 tollgate guidelines, conduct project controls kick-off meeting 

Proceed with project based on existing FEL3 setup 

FEL3 data verification and set-up planning (capital cost estimate to be approved and schedule levels 1 and 2 to be baselined) 

FEL4 EPCM estimate verification 

Project coding, project controls systems set-up and reporting verification 

Set up project cost and schedule baselines. 


Project coding, project control systems set-up and reporting verification 

Using: (1). FEL3 report (2). Prime contract (accepted proposal) (3). Set-up checklist and (4). FEL3 tollgate guidelines, conduct project controls systems kick-off meeting and start set-up  

Identify project controls systems requirements 

Using: (1). EPCM services hours (2). Project schedule (3). Project systems requirements (estimating, scheduling, cost, EPCM etc), assist with set-up of project controls systems 

Using CBS (Commodity Breakdown Structure) - ex Estimator - confirm project coding and distribute to team 

Populate control systems with project coding 

Test systems, verify reporting format and layout and confirm data. 


Definitive capital cost estimating 

Review and approve the definitive capital cost estimate plan (as developed by the Estimator) 

Ensure provision of project schedule (levels 1,2and3) for gate review in order to approve definitive capital cost estimate plan by client/Project Manager 

Using confirmed prime contract scope, owner's cost, staffing plan and definitive cost estimate; analyze EPCM performance and prepare detailed forecast of remaining work 

Issue definitive estimate report via document control, once approved by client/Project Manager. 


Project progress and performance measurement 

Obtain all input data; i.e. construction: staffing plan; commissioning: staffing plan; procurement: staffing plan and package register; engineering: staffing plan, facilities description, EWPs, deliverables list; project management: staffing plan and PEP 

Project progress measurement and earned value 

Project KPI monitoring and reporting. 


EPCM services progress and performance measurement 

Confirm level 3 baseline schedule and release final time charge codes 

Open required charge codes for FEL4 - manage and maintain and release interim time 

charge codes. 


Construction progress and performance measurement 

Confirm project coding and distribute to team. 


Project progress measurement and earned value 

Review progress measurement and earned value reports, produced by Cost Controller and issue. Evaluate progress and provide write-up for monthly progress report. 


Project trend and change management 

Agree baselines with client 

Confirm change management philosophy 

Project forecast change and trend management 

Project baseline change management. 

Project KPI monitoring and reporting 

Using project drivers and KPIs and client requirement specifications (ex Project Manager), measure, monitor and report project KPIs and issue to Project Manager to implement improvement processes, as necessary. 

Project periodic status reports 

Confirm periodic status reporting requirements, content, format and issue date 

Initiate periodic reporting 

Using trend/PCN register, EPCM progress report, schedule and updated budget, commitment, forecast, payment and cost statements; evaluate progress and provide write-up for monthly progress report 

Once monthly status report has been finalized and issued, prepare and coordinate monthly progress review meeting with client. 

Project Accounting 

Work with client to establish project accounting requirements including approvals, payment and funding processes and reporting requirements 

Qualifications and Experience 


  • Tertiary qualifications in engineering or other relevant discipline or substituted project experience  
  • 5 years relevant post graduate experience in managerial position and a minimum of 10 years experience in a project environment with detailed knowledge of Estimating, Cost Control, Planning, and Quantity Surveying 
  • Experience in high valued, multi-discipline EPCM environment projects from inception to close out 

Knowledge in the following disciplines: 

  • Estimating – Understanding on the fundamentals of estimating and the ability to review total Project and Change Notice estimates to ensure accuracy of estimated costs for the scope of work at hand 
  • Cost Control – Ability to understand composite Project budgets, forecasting final costs and the control of the budget i.e. Commitment and Actuals. Full management of Project Trends and Changes to determine legitimacy and estimated impact to project schedule and budget. Management of the usage of Project Allowances i.e. Contingency, Escalation and Forex. Cash-flow monitoring. 
  • Planning & Scheduling – Ability to read and understand Project Schedules to ensure a true reflection of the Project progress and forecasted dates. Ability to verify impact of Project Changes to Project Schedule. 
  • Quantity Surveying – Knowledge of Quantity Surveying principals and Standard Systems of Measurement. Ability to verify progress payments, final invoices, escalation and Forex calculations. 


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