Process Technician Job - Sarnia

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Sarnia, Ontario
Job Type
Full Time
Salary / Compensation
Details Not Provided
Date Posted
1 year ago

Additional Details

Some Exp. Required (2 - 5 Years)

Job Description

Responsible for the safe, environmentally responsible, and efficient operation of the Sarnia Manufacturing Site, according to government regulations and established company policies, procedures and operating guidelines. Inspect, monitor and adjust equipment and process variables each shift to optimize unit production and profitability.

Job responsibilities

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Routine checks, sampling, testing and monitoring.
  • Controls emissions to the environment at their source through prescribed checks and monitoring.
  • Maintains process equipment through application of preventative maintenance and trouble-shooting (e.g. minor repairs, lubrication, performance monitoring and reporting).
  • Maintains knowledge and experience required to maintain OI certification in specific posts as assigned, including completion of mandatory training modules and re-certification at the prescribed frequency.
  • Shares responsibility for identifying and reporting deviations and taking or recommending corrective actions.
  • Performs the process operation duties on a rotating schedule basis and maintains OI certification.
  • Prepares and issues safe work permits and ensures associated field testing is properly conducted.
  • Ensures proper completion and sign-off. 
  • Assists technical staff with technical monitoring programs and unit optimization. 
  • May participate as a member of the direct response fire crew; must be able to respond to emergency situations such as fire, explosion, toxic release, evacuation of personnel and medical emergency.
  • Executes general maintenance, technical and self-managing / team activities as per relevant flex agreements.



  • Lambton College Chemical Production & Power Engineering Technology (CPET) diploma, or equivalent combination of formal education and directly relevant industry experience in the judgement of management.
  • Secondary school diploma or equivalency is mandatory


  • 4th Class or higher Operating Engineer certificate (unless waived by management).
  • Valid Class G driver's license and satisfactory driving record in the judgement of management.
  • Able to meet the essential physical demands of the position with reasonable accommodation, as per job demands analysis JDA, for example 12 hour day and night shift work, climbing stairs, some lifting, etc.
  • Sound reasoning ability, high level of self-initiative, ability to work in team environment
  • Comfortable working in an industrial environment where work at heights and in confined spaces will be occasionally required.

Start date: December, 2022 
Location: Sarnia, ON
Your benefits

  • A  company committed to career growth - we recruit those who are interested in a career with Imperial and prefer to develop and promote people from within. Our career management process means that you will likely perform a number of unique, challenging roles during your career.
  • Successful networking and mentoring programs - enables you to spend time with senior managers from across the organization to learn about other departments and opportunities.  Also allows you to connect with peers at a similar experience level.
  • Commitment to safety, ethics & continuous improvement - these standards are the reason Imperial is an industry leader. You will work for a company that upholds safety and ethics ideals and continues to seek out ways to improve.  
  • Exceptional benefits program - includes competitive savings, retirement, and healthcare plans that you can customize to meet your individual needs. A comprehensive relocation package is provided, if required. Educational and physical fitness financial assistance programs round out our benefits package.
  • Continuous learning environment - encourages you to augment your skills and capabilities. 
  • Competitive vacation and earned days off (EDO) package - provides you with three weeks of vacation as applicable (the first year is pro-rated based on your hiring date). In addition, under our EDO program, employees take off one scheduled Friday per month and up to two floating EDO days (depending on work location and start date during the year) annually for use at your discretion with approval.
  • If you are talented, driven, experienced, and want to make meaningful contributions that truly impact consumer experience and bottom line objectives, then you owe it to yourself to apply with Imperial.


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