Senior Advisor, Stakeholder Engagement Job

Job Overview

Toronto, Ontario
Job Type
Full Time
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Details Not Provided
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1 year ago

Additional Details

Extensive Exp. Required (9+ Years)

Job Description

Provide coordination and leadership to support all stakeholder engagement processes and mechanisms across the company to ensure an efficient and effective system for informed decision-making, a fair and equitable process for all stakeholders, and to actively encourage all stakeholder sectors with an interest in an initiative to participate in the process.

What You'll Do

  • Provide support in the design of customized stakeholder engagement strategies and/or plans for all implementation/operations initiatives requiring stakeholder input.  Provide for varying levels/methodologies of stakeholder engagement based on the significance of the issue and its impact on stakeholders. 

  • Implement and manage effective stakeholder engagement processes and mechanisms with line organizations to ensure stakeholder engagement activities are integrated and incorporated in project schedules.  Influence internal staff and stakeholders to ensure they follow stakeholder engagement principles and processes.

  • Coordinate and support the management and implementation of stakeholder engagement strategies and plans by working closely with internal staff and external stakeholders.  Develop procedures to support stakeholder engagement activities relating to policy implementation/operations initiatives that align with stakeholder engagement principles and legislative requirements.

  • Implement the stakeholder engagement process for all stakeholder engagement mechanisms within the company (Stakeholder Advisory Committee, Market Operations Standing Committee, Technical Panel, IT Standing Committee, customized stakeholder engagement mechanisms such as Working Groups, Workshops, Web Broadcasts, etc).

  • Implement processes to ensure timely, accessible, accurate, and coordinated communication in support of stakeholder engagement processes to ensure they meet corporate and external stakeholder needs.  Ensure stakeholders have timely, accessible, and accurate information sufficient to understand the implications of alternative courses of action.  Ensure that company decisions and the rationale for decisions are communicated to stakeholders.

  • Actively encourage stakeholder sectors, with an interest in an initiative, to participate in the process.  Establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with key influencers in key customer groups assessing developments and industry trends affecting stakeholders.  Recommend corporate strategies regarding products, policies, and procedures to ensure their needs for stakeholder engagement are met.

  • Establish and implement mechanisms for evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement activities and recommend changes to processes, systems and procedures as necessary.

  • Analyze and follow-up on feedback from stakeholder sessions to identify trends and to ensure continuous improvement to business processes and associated costs taking into consideration stakeholder and corporate business needs.

  • Implement processes to meet due diligence requirements and to ensure stakeholder processes and data confidentiality.

  • Provide or arrange for expert facilitation skills at stakeholder meetings to provide a fair, open, and transparent process for all stakeholders to provide input to corporate decisions.

  • Perform other duties as required.

What You'll Need to Succeed

  •  Requires a good knowledge of business administration or commerce to plan, propose improvements, coordinate, and support the management of stakeholder engagement processes and mechanisms across the company. 
  • Requires strong communication skills to deal with stakeholders, government representatives, senior management, and various Committee members, and to establish and manage timely, accurate and coordinated communication in support of stakeholder engagement processes.
  • This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the successful completion of a four-year University education in the appropriate field, or the equivalent
  • Requires experience within the company to acquire sound insight and understanding of all facets of its operations.
  • Requires experience to acquire an understanding of company objectives, policies, procedures and practices, the legislative and regulatory requirements governing the Ontario Electricity Marketplace, and the external business operations as they relate to company commitments.
  • Requires experience in the analysis of policies, decisions, corporate business plans and assessment of current issues in order to provide support in the design of stakeholder engagement strategies, plans and processes.
  • Requires experience in project administration to acquire a good understanding of management reporting, interrelationships of teams with clients, contract terms, conditions, regulations, etc associated with projects/programs.
  • Requires experience to acquire a thorough understanding of the role of stakeholder development, stakeholder involvement and social impact, to deal with special interest groups, the design and delivery of stakeholder involvement and assessment of planning initiatives.
  • A period of over 8 years, up to and including 10 years experience is considered necessary to gain this experience. 

What’s in it for you
•    A comprehensive total rewards program, including best-in-class benefits and a flexible workplace 
•    A challenging, fast-paced and collaborative team environment, where your perspectives and experiences matter 
•    Leaders who support your growth and success through regular feedback and coaching
•    The opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry


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