Craft Beer Startup Seeking Creatives & Salespeople (Chicago)

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Chicago, Illinois
Job Type
Salary / Compensation
Details Not Provided
Date Posted
2 years ago

Additional Details

Good Exp. Required (5 - 9 Years)

Job Description

Greetings fellow craft beer lovers. I am building a team of creatives, salespeople, and social media marketers for a craft beer-related upstart based in the Chicago area. A $35K website is in its final stages of development, and it is time to put together a solid team of like-minded professionals to move the project forward. I am looking for folks that are willing to put in some work with limited pay in the short term (2-4 months), and that will continue to be a part of the team as we bring the business to market. Some of the work can be done from home, but some will require interactions with brewery owners and managers. I realize this is a big ask, but I am extremely confident that the business is tapping (pun intended) into a huge untapped market in the craft beer industry, and the business will grow very quickly. Additionally, this venture will provide help to an industry that has suffered greatly during the pandemic. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have always wanted to be a founding member of a startup, I can't think of a better opportunity. I'm not listing all the details of the business on this post because I want to keep the concept to myself and my partners until launch. If you are interested, please send me an email so we can chat, and I can provide you more info about the business. Thanks for reading this long post. Greg.


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