I need assistance creating videos for a youtube channel

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Chicago, Illinois
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2 years ago

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Good Exp. Required (5 - 9 Years)

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Hi, my company is starting a YouTube Channel and I'm looking to fast track the project.

  • We currently have thousands of visits per day to our website. This will help our Promotion of our Channel and get us Views, Likes, and Subscribers.
  • We service a very niche Automotive Market with a very High Demand Product. Everyone who has a car after 1996 has a Computer in it.
  • Many very Successful YouTubers talk about OUR Product all the time. Auto Repair Shops, DIY Auto Enthusiasts, you name it...Automobiles are VERY Important to our Daily Lives.

We sell Car Computers - www.carcomputerexchange.com

The Videos you will help to Create are Simple Straightforward - no video shooting is required. They are more like PowerPoint videos with Voice-over & Slides.

I'm looking for someone with Expertise & Experience who knows YouTube. I have a few videos already ready to build the Channel with so you'll have something to Model off of.

Now, I simply want someone to Get Moving, and Get Rolling on creating Content. I write the scripts, you create the Video. As I said above I have 4 videos done and we want good, solid people who can create more videos quickly.

Please reply to this message with a list of your Accomplishments on YouTube for yourself and/or your clients and I will be in touch. I'm looking to fast track my project.

I will send you samples of the videos we have finished as an example.

If you don't have a lot of Accomplishments I'd be open to an Intern Relationship as well as this Project will have Millions of Subscribers. It will be Excellent for you Future References...!

Thank you,

Bryan "Lucky" Kos

Text me and I'll give you my email so you can reply with the information I want to know before we talk.


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