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London, Ontario
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Full Time
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Details Not Provided
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4 months ago

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Good Exp. Required (5 - 9 Years)

Job Description

Main responsibilities:

  • Source and evaluate corporate real estate investment transactions in the UK and Europe;
  • Assisting in executing and managing UK direct asset acquisitions;
  • Managing all stages of the real estate deal process, including due diligence, negotiating, structuring and execution;
  • Identifying and analysing trends in the industry and recommending investment strategies and opportunities;
  • Driving the financial analysis and modelling of new investment opportunities;
  • Leading the financing process including term sheet negotiation and transaction documentation;
  • Interfacing with joint-venture partners, investment bankers, senior management at target companies and the brokerage community;
  • Assisting the tax structuring of investments with advisors and lawyers;
  • Presenting to senior management;
  • Preparing investment committee materials, including both memos and presentations as required;
  • Interacting with Canada, Paris and London-based Ivanhoe Cambridge teams to provide real estate expertise in connection with sourcing and underwriting investment opportunities.

To this end, in consultation with the Head of Investment, UK -you must:

  • Build relationships and liaise with all market actors: investors, bankers, real estate consultants, developers, planners, large semi-public companies, transaction consultants, other investors, real estate companies and property owners, and major private and public users;
  • Conduct the necessary preliminary financial and market analyses;
  • Optimize financial, legal and fiscal arrangements with partners and consultants;
  • Gather all financial and market information necessary to analyse files in accordance with Ivanhoé Cambridge’s investment criteria and issue recommendations;
  • Stay abreast of calls for tenders, conduct the necessary preliminary analyses and submit to superiors for the appropriate action;
  • Create a task force with other departments within the platform (asset management, legal, tax, finance, etc.) to further analyse opportunities and present them to the investment committee for validation;
  • After receiving validation, take all necessary steps to proceed with the selected investments;
  • Negotiate with sellers, operators, stakeholders, intermediaries, consultants, etc.;
  • Plan, coordinate and participate in the due diligence process, ensuring that it goes smoothly; coordinate with stakeholders, both external (partners, brokers, asset managers, etc.) and internal (portfolio management, financial services, taxation, legal affairs, asset management, risk management, insurance and development), to gather and/or provide all information relevant to investments while adhering to transaction deadlines;
  • Evaluate the risks and challenges raised during the due diligence process and discuss the relevant points with partners and stakeholders;
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of investments up until acquisition;
  • Prepare legal paperwork with the help of internal departments, lawyers and external consultants and submit for signature;
  • Prepare committee and board meetings (follow established procedures and produce the required documents, including investment prospectuses);
  • Submit the documentation and information required by the asset management team to properly manage investments;
  • Create and negotiate partnership agreements as needed;
  • In collaboration with specialized internal and external consultants, optimize tax efficiency to maximize ROI where possible;
  • Coordinate and contribute to investment-related reporting;
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of asset management policy by:
    • First, analysing investment opportunities (projections, investment execution and valuation simulations, sensitivity metrics for various parameters used in investment decisions and strategic planning);
    • Second, overseeing asset management operations: identify with the relevant manager assets targeted for disposition and review the corresponding conditions;
    • Third, serving as a specialized investment/trading/market consultant for other departments (asset management/valuation, leasing/marketing, technical project management, legal affairs, etc.).;
  • Study, analyse and monitor the validation of trading decisions, ensure follow-up and completion of dispositions in consultation with the Senior Vice President, Investment (preparation, marketing, selection of brokers, negotiation, legal documentation, coordination of data room responses, closing, fulfilment of obligations).

The skills of success!

  • Real estate investment professional with, at minimum, a bachelor or master’s degree and 7 to 10 years of experience. He or she must have an advanced knowledge of both corporate finance and direct real estate and an understanding of legal and taxation matters relevant to real estate;
  • Experience across the capital structure (equity and debt);
  • The incumbent is also familiar with operational real estate and has a knowledge for structuring real estate projects as part of an acquisition/disposition transaction;
  • He or she must have experience working with a prominent real estate private equity fund or real estate investment manager;
  • The incumbent is professional, loyal, transparent and accountable. He or she is both a leader and a team player interested in working with a small group of people inside of a large organization. He or she has excellent communication skills, is organized and methodical, and has a high level of financial and technical expertise;
  • He or she is creative, adept at problem-solving and an excellent negotiator with strong influencing skills and a deep sense of conviction;
  • English speaking, fluency in French is beneficial;
  • Available to travel frequently abroad for work.

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