Battery Management systems Team Lead

Job Overview

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Job Type
Full Time
Salary / Compensation
Details Not Provided
Date Posted
2 years ago

Additional Details

M. Tech
Good Exp. Required (5 - 9 Years)

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Detailed system-level study of the battery pack and its features.
  • Create and analyze the structural, electrical and thermal models.
  • Collaborative work with mechanical, electrical, thermal, HW, SW, manufacturing and test teams.
  • Product level system design including Mechanical, Structural, Battery interconnect, HW and SW functions.
  • Split the work content, delegate to the team and team mentoring.

Experience & Skills:

  • Familiar with a variety of modeling and simulation softwares like CATIA, Solidworks, Ansys, COMSOL, and Matlab.
  • Knowledge in Multiphysics modeling and simulation.
  • Systems approach Experience product design and development.
  • Experience in working with a variety of battery technologies.
  • Knowledge and in-depth understanding of FEA, CFD, DFMA, FMEA.
  • Knowledge of Battery Standards, safety standards and quality standards.
  • Ability to understand and translates standards into concepts and from concept to requirements.
  • Experience digital twin and creation of models for validating the concepts.
  • Experience in DoE.
  • Experience with various battery technologies, cell chemistries.
  • Experience with electrical/electronic components used in BMS HW design and development.
  • Design experience in handling EMI/EMC concerns.
  • Experience with high current power semiconductors (IGBT's, MOSFETs, Diodes), gate drive and protection circuit design.
  • Experience in the selection and use of microcontrollers and programmable logic devices and their peripheral circuitry (signal conditioning, board-level power supplies).
  • Collaborate with BMS HW/FW  and SW engineering team to successfully design, validate the concepts.
  • Familiarity with Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT).
  • Knowledge in battery management systems and electric vehicles.


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