Machine Learning Ops Engineering Job

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Toronto, Ontario
Job Type
Full Time
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Details Not Provided
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10 months ago

Additional Details

Some Exp. Required (2 - 5 Years)

Job Description

Are you interested in working for a company as ubiquitous to Canadians as Interac and helping provide insights on and improve products used billions of times a year? Do you like the idea of tuning spark jobs and SQL queries that run on hundreds of terabytes of data? 

Titled "Machine Learning Ops Engineering", this is an "Analytics Engineering, Senior Specialist" role; you would be working closely with the Advanced Analytics (Data Scientists), Analytics Delivery team (BI) and Data Engineering Team. You'd also be regularly coordinating with Infrastructure (Operations/DevOps), Security, and Risk to ensure things move forward. This role is best filled by a seasoned software developer or data engineer with an interest in data science, one who is happy building tools/applications and turning research into reproducible products/solutions.

You’re great at…

  • Working with the Advanced Analytics team (data scientists) to turn their research and proof of concept into reproducible jobs that can be handed off to the Data Engineering team

  • Building out and maintaining and an internal web application to index and display reports and research generated by the other data teams

  • Working with Data Engineering on extending functionality of the Data Environment based on requirements from the rest of the team

  • Building and/or deploying internal tools to solve problems or improve processes for the other data teams

    • These can be anything from custom-build CLI tools, web-apps, purchased software products, or AWS services as appropriate, automating process through a pipeline

    • Automate processes for analytics

    • Research and deploy on strategies for improving the efficiency of analytic processes

Operationalize data product for self-serve by the business units

  • Working with your team to turn business requirements into possible solutions

  • Ensuring stakeholders understand the trade-offs of the various implementation options and getting buy-in for one

  • Coordinating external dependencies and requirements for a given implementation (security, DBA, ops, legal, project managers, change management)

  • Delivering an end-to-end analysis/predictive modelling task including data prep and presenting/deploying the results

  • Ensuring that work is being done in a sustainable/maintainable manner to minimize technical debt

  • Identifying problems that could be solved and technical debt that should be addressed ahead of net-new work

  • Encouraging software dev best practices

  • Making life easier for those around you

Who are you?

  • A 4-Year undergraduate degree in a related field (Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Data Science, etc.) or equivalent work experience

  • 2+ years working in software development or in data science/data engineering teams that involved deliverables to external parties

  • Professional experience building (and/or maintaining) web-services or a web application with external consumers/customers

  • Familiarity or knowledge of writing production-quality ETLs with upstream and downstream dependencies

  • Familiarity or knowledge in building internal tooling/pipelines for technical end-users

  • Possess excellent communication skills and comfort interfacing with people with a wide variety of technical backgrounds and skillsets including:

  • Strong knowledge around accessing and manipulating large amounts of data and have worked with SQL and understand network, disk, memory and processor bottlenecks for queries you run (HDFS, RDBMS, column-store and row-store databases)

  • Experience working in a Linux environment and writing bash scripts

  • Familiar with Cloud infrastructure

  • Proficiency in a JVM-based language (this is an asset)

  • Experience with Spark on YARN and Hive (We're on a Cloudera stack) (this is an asset)

  • Cloud development experience (AWS) (this is an asset)

  • Experience with Python (this would be an asset)  

How we work
We know that exceptional people have great ideas and are passionate about their work.  Our culture encourages excellence and actively rewards contributions with:
Connection: You’re surrounded by talented people every day who are driven by their passion of a common goal.
Core Values:  They define us. Living them helps us be the best at what we do.
Compensation & Benefits: Pay is driven by individual and corporate performance and we provide a multitude of benefits and perks.
Education: To ensure you are the best at what you do we invest in you


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