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Mississauga, Ontario
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Full Time
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1 year ago

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Extensive Exp. Required (9+ Years)

Job Description

As a member of the Control Room Operations Team, the Assistant System Operator helps fulfill the IESO’s roles as Reliability Coordinator, Transmission Operator and Balancing Authority for the province of Ontario by administering the IESO Controlled Grid (“ICG”) and the IESO Administered Markets (“IAM”) on a minute-to-minute basis ensuring a reliable, competitively-priced and sustainable electricity supply for the province:

  • through intense and timely analysis, investigation and execution of control actions;
  • in compliance with NERC reliability standards and NPCC criteria;
  • within the Market Rules and relevant Regulations;
  • through collaborative work with other Operations Team members; and under the general direction of the Manager - Operations

What you’ll do: 

  • Following the successful completion of the IESO’s in-house training program, the candidate will, under supervision, carry out and assist in the Market and System actions to service the daily minute-to-minute operations of the electricity delivery system on a 24/7/365 Schedule.
  • The candidate will work within a team to ensure a secure and reliable supply of electricity that will comply with the terms of energy/capacity contracts, established delivery point performance criteria, system security demands including industry standards, Market Rules and Regulations. Periodic off-shift assignments are part of the normal System Operations Department (SOD) working environment.

What you need to succeed:  

  • The successful candidate will have completed a recognized operator training program pertaining to power system operations. Applicants with lesser qualifications may be considered on an individual basis.
  • The candidate must be capable of working efficiently and cooperatively in a shift-working, team-oriented environment. A formal assessment following the training period will be completed to determine when a trainee enters the shift complement.
  • As part of this training the successful candidate must also pass the NERC system operator certification exam and subsequently maintain the certification qualifications.
  • The selected candidate must display a willingness and aptitude to successfully complete an Assistant System Operator training program. Movement to the System Operator level is based upon demonstrated performance including achievements in both on the job and formal training within a formal promotion–in-place program.
  • Requires a strong knowledge of electrical theory, power system design, operation and control, associated mathematics and computer applications to undertake system control and management of the IESO-controlled grid. Requires analytical and marketing skills, knowledge of technical writing to prepare reports, and oral and written fluency for effective communication.
  • Must display a broad general knowledge of Electrical Equipment in Power System Operation.
  • Good knowledge of the various departments within the IESO and their prime functions.
  • Must have the ability to cope with unforeseen problems and to employ problem-solving techniques.
  • Flexible and adaptable for working overtime on short notice or changing schedules on short notice.
  • A highly motivated and organized individual with an abundance of initiative who promotes a high standard of work ethics.
  • Must have above-average analytical skills with the capability to identify alternate solutions and initiate logical corrective actions in a timely fashion.
  • Must have exceptional communication skills with the ability to present information in an orderly, complete and understandable manner. Applicants must also possess a high ability to listen and digest large volumes of information.
  • Applicants must have excellent cooperative skills with the ability to manage customers facing issues in a diplomatic, professional and courteous manner.
  • Demonstrate from past experience the ability to function in a training environment that includes classroom, simulation and practical hands-on activities.
  • This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through post[1]graduate education beyond secondary school plus further extensive theoretical study of subjects pertinent to the electrical discipline and the specialty area of the work function. The job also requires being NERC[1]certified.
  • A period of over 6 years and up to and including 8 years is considered necessary to gain this experience
  • This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through post[1]graduate education beyond secondary school plus further extensive theoretical study of subjects pertinent to the electrical discipline and the specialty area of the work function.

Evaluation Process:

  1. Applications will be reviewed for indications of the above "Essentials" and previous work history. The applicant's previous employers may be contacted for a recommendation.
  2. A short list of potential hires will be interviewed. The interview will include oral and written tests.
  3. The interviewees will be assigned to the Control room for up to 3 days, after which an assessment of the applicant will be made by the shift staff who will observe the applicant during that period.
  4. A short list of applicants may be required to be tested in areas such as "Analytical Thinking", and "shift work suitability"


  • Applicants with lesser experience may be considered at the MP2 level (job code 746200).

There is frequent and sustained mental pressure associated with the technical nature and sustained concentration associated with the position. Considerable mental pressure is tied to the decision-making authority relative to the minute-to-minute operation of the electricity delivery system on a 24/7/365 schedule (shift position).

What’s in it for you
•    A comprehensive total rewards program, including best-in-class benefits and a flexible workplace 
•    A challenging, fast-paced and collaborative team environment, where your perspectives and experiences matter 
•    Leaders who support your growth and success through regular feedback and coaching
•    The opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry
Deadline: June 30, 2022 


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