Senoir Software Developer III - Pune

Job Overview

Pune, Maharashtra
Job Type
Full Time
Salary / Compensation
Details Not Provided
Date Posted
2 years ago

Additional Details

Bachelors/Masters Degree in IT/ Computers
Extensive Exp. Required (9+ Years)

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Code, develop design, and architect features related to the existing application. We expect you to own modules end to end and take pride in the work products you ship.
  • Lead from the front, when it comes to delivering high-quality work products. Serve as a mentor to the team members
  • Create and define performance metrics. Ideate, innovate and hack through the existing systems to improve performance.
  • Perform code reviews, set coding practices, and guidelines within the team.
  • Make sense of the product specs, be nimble in getting the issues resolved. Be a thought leader.

Critical Functional Skills:

  • Solid understanding and knowledge of Java/C/C++. You should understand the concepts of multithreading, I/O, messaging, instrumentation, etc and their implementation in Java/Any other Object-Oriented Language.
  • Proficiency in the implementation of algorithms and the use of advanced data structures to solve problems in computing. A solid foundation in the principles of computer science is desired.
  • Ability to write clean, modular, and loosely coupled code by the use of design patterns.
  • He/She should be able to break down and architect complex software systems. For example- Build cars Availability Engine for Ola.
  • Strong decision-making ability
  • Deep expertise in at least one programming language & tech stack.
  • Substantial experience in building complex and scalable solutions.
  • Strong object-oriented design skills, ability to apply design patterns, and an uncanny ability to design intuitive module and class-level interfaces
  • The ability to do deep problem solving and build elegant, maintainable solutions to complex problems.
  • Experience leading multi-engineer projects and mentoring junior engineers
  • Experience with full life cycle development in any programming language on a Linux platform
  • Comprehensive operational experience including, optimizations, deployments and tuning servers like apache/MySQL/tomcat/solr
  • Prior experience in working with Agile software methodologies (XP, Scrum), TDD, and Continuous Integration(CI/CD) a plus.
  • BTech, MTech, or higher in Computer Science or related technical discipline (or equivalent). Or high technical acumen and rich technical experience
  • Experience in building data-driven web application design and development is a plus
  • Expert level experience in building a scalable, large and complex business application.

Experience Required:

  • Typically with an experience of 8+ years of development experience in a product firm.
  • Must have lead, designed, architected and delivered at least 1 project in his previous assignments independently.

Minimum Qualifications Required:

  • Btech/MS from a reputed Institute
  • Deep expertise with any or combination programming languages: Java, C++, C#, Ruby, Scala,
  • Go any object-oriented high-level proprietary or open-source language with strong programming constructs. We are not skill-specific but go by strength in competencies.

Machine coding:

  • Single machine in-memory program
  • Need a working code with functionality
  • Readable and well-designed code with right abstractions, separation of concerns, right design patterns
  • Performant code with concurrency and efficient data structures
  • Write test cases covering the happy path and edge cases.

Problem Solving:

  • Choose the right combination of data structures to solve the problem
  • Identify most edge cases for the problem
  • Identify opportunities of parallelism: utilizes multi-core solutions where applicable

Design & Architecture:

  • Distributed systems design and system interaction
  • Identify API signatures
  • LLD with class design
  • Solve for performance & availability


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