New Lawsuit claims Apple lied about its screen size and notch with Shady Marketing

Apple has been slapped with a lawsuit for shady and sneaky marketing campaign for iPhone X range of phones. As per the claim apple had misled consumers about screen size and pixel count. The lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California also allege that the company also tried to hide the iPhone notch by using wallpapers that would make the notch obscure in its marketing photos and videos. 

iphone xs large

As per lawsuit documents – “Apple advertises its phones by touting their display size and screen quality as major selling points. However, Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max phones do not have the advertised screen resolution because they do not have the advertised number of screen pixels (2436×1125 in the iPhone X and XS, and 2688×1242 in the iPhone XS Max). and it does not have the advertised screen size as measured in inches.”

  1. Superb post.Never knew this, thanks for letting me know. Now when I think of those apple iPhone X billboards I kind of get a sense that it indeed is shady wallpaper

  2. Its about time that someone show Apple its place. There is always a controversy associated with Apple every news-cycle.

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