Souleymane Mahaman

Souleymane Mahaman

Souleymane Mahaman

  • Accra
  • Member Since: 15 Apr 2021


My name is Souleymane Mahaman. I am a 26 years old Nigerien currently working in Ghana and looking to immigrate to Canada for a better life and better job opportunities. My mean asset is that I speak English, French, Arabic and also Turkish. Moreover, I am a holder of a bachelor degree in civil engineering from Turkey. Though I am very flexible with regards to the type of job I am to tackle, my goal is to eventually undertake a masters degree and then a PhD in civil engineering in order to contribute in building our society of tomorrow. I have experience doing several types of job including volunteering farm work and pharmacy assistantship work . I am also great at supervising and coordinating, have great communication skills and considerable experience working in an fast paced office environment. I am a quick learner, hard working and very disciplined. Please find my resume here attached.

Indeed an additional reason why I need to move to Canada is due to the fact that I am a gay man, and I am constantly living my life in fear of meeting my end because of my sexuality. Canada can offer me a better future. Hence, I am willing to relocate to attend my duties when I do get the job.


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