• Member Since: 04 Dec 2021

2021/06 – Present Project Assistant

Glory Furnishings Co., LTD, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

- Aided with the preparation of project-related reports. Managed quality and client deadlines

by working closely with staff to maintain adherence to project requirements.

- Update project progress to Project Manager.

- Handle the documents required by the project and prepare the administrative work related

to the project

2016/06-2020/05 Sale Executive

Glory Furnishings Co., LTD, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

- Analyzed past sales data and revenue to develop realistic sales goals.

- Developed and implemented strategic account plans to generate new, advantageous


- Set and achieved company-defined sales goals.

- Weekly sales report to the manager.

- Apply digital marketing for sale improvement (SEO, Facebook page, Zalo business).


Glory Furnishings Co., LTD, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

- Write and upload product advertising posts via Facebook, Zalo.

- Coached sales associates in product specifications, sales incentives, and selling

techniques, significantly increasing customer satisfaction ratings. Presented products to

clients and practical use-case scenarios.

- Met with customers to discuss and ascertain needs, tailor solutions, and close deals.

- Research new product specifications.

2010/01-2015/02 Administrator Officer

Dai Hoang Vuong Co., Ltd, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

- Drafting and archiving documents- records of the project, customs declaration, contract.

- Management of infrastructure, equipment. (stationery, construction materials)

- Organizing work schedules. Processing work orders, organizing invoices, and

- assisting admin staff with payroll.

2015/03- 2016/05

- Performing office duties, such as answering phones, liaising with clients, or running


- Support HR preparing Company Events such as Year End Party, Anniversary of the founding

the company, Christmas Party.


2007/09 - 2010/05 Hong Bang University International

Major: Business Administration (Diploma)

2011/09 - 2013/05 Ho Chi Minh City Open University

Major: Business Administration (Bachelor)


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