YouTube is testing ‘Explore’ tab for select iPhone users

YouTube recently announced on its “Creator Insider” channel that it is testing a new feature known as the ‘Explore Tab’ that will be providing fresh and wide-ranging video content recommendations to youtube users.

The new Explore feature is currently being tested on youtube’s iPhone app for select group of users. The Explore tab will be part of the bottom navigation bar of the app.

The idea behind Explore is to offer YouTube viewers a wider variety of what-to-watch suggestions than what they have today. Currently, personalized video recommendations are very much influenced by past viewing activity and other behavior, which can then create a sort of homogenous selection of recommended content.

As per the video posted by Director of Product Management Tom Leung – “Explore is designed to help you be exposed to different kinds of topics, videos or channels that you might not otherwise encounter, but they’re still personalized”. But this will still be based on the viewing activity. So if a youtube user was watching a lot of videos about telescopes then he would see videos about high-end cameras

With the launch of Explore tab youtube is hoping that it would provide creators the ability to reach a wider audience. 

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